Friday, March 6, 2009

Beautiful Weather

Just got back from the Swope Park Trails where i have been doing some trail building. This place is awesome and it only has 1.5 miles of trail completed. The second phase is under work and should yield around 5 miles of beautiful single track right in the middle of the city. So if you haven't been there, go! I have actually seen more hikers there than mountain bikers. Click on the link to check out some of the pictures towards the bottom of the page.  Here is a teaser
I still have not heard from The North Face Store regarding the April meeeting. I will release the info as soon as it is finalized.


  1. Just read this - I will definitely check it out. Any association with Earth Riders to organize trail work? Can you put up a post the next time you're going to work on it?

  2. i will. but i usually do trail work on weekdays